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The Toward Zero Deaths approach is based on the belief that even one traffic-related death on our roads is unacceptable. This “zero deaths” idea was first adopted in Sweden in 1997 as "Vision Zero" and since then has evolved to several state DOTs, including Minnesota, that have identified zero deaths as a core objective in their Strategic Highway Safety Plans.


TZD uses a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach that targets areas for improvement and employs proven countermeasures, integrating application of education, enforcement, engineering, and emergency medical and trauma services (the “4Es”). A combination of strategies from different focus areas is often most effective for solving a particular problem.

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Impaired Driving

“Drive sober or get pulled over” — starting November 26 and running every weekend through December 27, our agency will enhance DWI patrols to take drunk drivers off the road. The campaign is statewide and nationwide. Don’t risk driving drunk.  In the last three years (2011–2013), there were 279 drunk driving-related traffic deaths in Minnesota and 81 people were killed in 2013 alone. It’s a serious issue and everyone needs to be responsible to have a plan to avoid a DWI.


Pre-Enforcement Press Release


Impaired Driving Fact Sheets


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Seat Belt

Minnesota has a primary seat belt law that requires drivers and all passengers, even in the back, to be buckled up.  A seat belt is the best defense on roads full of uncertainties: including speeding, distracted and impaired drivers. You may be a safe driver – but is the driver next to you? Buckle up and protect yourself.


October “Click it or Ticket” – Law Enforcement agencies from Fairmont and Truman Police Departments, Martin County Sheriff’s Office, and Minnesota State Patrol conducted extra seat belt enforcement during October 10th-26th.


Pre-Enforcement Press Release

Post-Enforcement Press Release


Seat Belt Fact Sheets


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 Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a leading factor in crashes each year in Minnesota — important to realize that distracted driving is not just the usual suspects of cell phones and texting.  It includes daydreaming, putting attention toward something outside of the vehicle, eating, reaching for items, changing music, and dealing with rowdy passengers or kids.  Before you start to drive, you need to get focused for the drive. Take the steps to put your attention on the road — set your music, put your phones out of reach, know your directions.


You can also help prevent distracted driving. If you’re a passenger, speak up to stop a driver from distracted actions. And even if you are outside of the vehicle —when you call someone on their cell, ask them if they are driving. If they are, ask them to call you back when it’s safe.


Distracted Driving Fact Sheets





Illegal or unsafe speed is the leading contributing factor in fatal crashes. Motorists need to drive at speeds safe for the roadway and weather conditions, as well as at or below the posted speed limit.  Over the three-year period of 2011–2013 in Minnesota, illegal or unsafe speed was a contributing factor in 13 percent of all crashes – resulting in 235 deaths and 12,788 injuries.


Speed Fact Sheets



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