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Fairmont Information

Fairmont Information

Fairmont Police Detective


The Detective Division was created in 1994. The division is currently comprised of Detective Eric Tonder. Detective Tonder focuses primarily on felony level investigations ranging from white collar crimes to death investigations. See the list below for more details about the detectives' general duties.


Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drug Enforcement:

Crime Prevention/Community Notification:

Supervison/Tracking of Sex Offenders:

Coordinating records, track, and investigate all registered predatory offenders residing in Fairmont. Minnesota law requires that all persons convicted of a predatory crime register with the MN BCA. Local agencies are responsible for tracking each offender within their jurisdiction to make sure they are compliant. Predatory offenders are placed within four risk levels. The risk levels reflect the subjects likelihood to reoffend, from least to most likely the levels are; not assigned, level I, level II, and level III. It’s important to point out the primary purpose of predatory registration is to keep law enforcement agencies informed and those person required to register compliant, not public dissemination.

The detectives conduct follow-up investigations. They interview victims, witnesses, and suspects. The detectives process crime scenes for evidence, and work closely with other agencies including state and federal law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, social workers, and the Victim Witness Coordinator's office.

The detectives are members of the Minnesota South Central Investigaors Coalition which is an organization of investigators throughout southern Minnesota.  The coalition was created to support, educate, and network investigators working on similar type crimes.

The MSCIC annual conference is scheduled for January 24th and 25th 2011.


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