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Keeping Kids Drug and Alcohol Free

School Risk Factors

The Citizen Alert is intended to advise you of criminal activity that may affect you or your community. If you have questions or suspect information, call the issuing law enforcement agency shown below. Your identity can remain confidential.


The Fairmont Police Department has been working with Services for Challenging Youth, Fairmont Medical Center, Fairmont Area Schools and several other partners to air a 7 part show designed to help parents keep their children from using drugs and alcohol. The name of the show is called “Keeping Kids Drug and Alcohol Free”. The series focuses on the various risk factors that can lead to a young person’s chemical misuse. The current production examines the “School” risk factors and is being aired January 12th through the 18th on Channel 14 at the top of each odd hour. The Fairmont Police Department is urging you to view this program and future productions, which are outlined in the attached document. It is our intent to work with you and our other community partners to keep our young people safe and drug free.

A Monthly HOMETOWN FOCUS Local Cable TV Series

“Keeping Kids Drug and Alcohol Free - School Risk Factors"

Join Host Lori Higgins and Lynn Manske, Fairmont High School Principal, as they & school personnel discuss the risks of underage chemical use.


DVD’s of previous programs are available for check-out at the Martin County Library OR for sale at Gemini Studios for $7.50/DVD

Upcoming Program

For more information, contact Brenden Babcock at 507-236-3270.