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Ending Malicious and Harassing Telephone Calls

It is estimated by telephone officials that over a million people each year receive phone calls that could be categorized as annoying, malicious, harassing, crank, obscene or nuisance calls. Whatever they are referred as, these telephone calls serve no legitimate purpose and represent an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

These calls can become a chronic problem for some people, particularly women. They may include random calls by pranksters, calls at late-night hours, obscene calls, calls from a former romantic interest, or calls where a threat is made. These calls are intended to upset the person who receives them, either for revenge or to gratify the caller's personal urges. These calls can often be prevented or avoided by following these simple techniques to decrease their potential for victimization.

What Can be Done to End the Calls?

The Fairmont Police Department recommends that you follow these tips:

    If an unknown, unwanted caller continues harassing you, press *57 immediately after hanging up the phone. A recorded message then advises you if the call was sucessfully traced. Write down the call time and date on a piece of paper. Once you have three(3) sucessful traces, bring the information with you to the Law Enforcement Center. A Police Officer can then send a call trace request form to Frontier Communications. The process takes some time so be patient.  Pressing *69 after hanging up will give you the last number that called your phone. It usually works unless the caller is out of the area.
  2. Have your phone number changed and unlisted.
    This usually solves a persistant problem.
    Many phone companies offer caller ID. You can then determine who is calling you immediately and determine whether to answer the call.
  4. Cellular phones present their own problems.
    Most of the time it is difficult for a phone company to sucessfully trace a cell call. Contact your cellular provider for their recommended procedure.
  5. If you receive a call from a known or unknown person threatening you with immediate harm, call the Fairmont Police Department right away.

Messages Left on Answering Machines:

If an annoying or malicious message is left on an answering machine, DO NOT erase the tape or delete the message. It may be useful to the possible criminal investigation of the incident.

If you have any questions about harassing/malicious phone calls, contact the Law Enforcement Center at 507-238-4481.