Front Row, left to right: Dennis Madsen, Darrel Krahler, Art Elliot.  Back Row, left to right: Harry Brumbaugh, Robert Meschke, Steve Langford.

The Citizens On Patrol (COP) program completed its 12th year of service to the City of Fairmont in 2017. The program is currently comprised of six members of local VFW Post 1222. COP members include; Harry Brumbaugh, Steve Langford, Dennis Madsen, Darrel Krahler, Art Elliott, and Robert Meschke. Harry Brumbaugh serves as the internal coordinator for the group and as the liaison to the Fairmont PD.  Captain Eric Tonder supervises the COP Program for the department.

Each COP member volunteers their time to help the Fairmont PD function more efficiently by assisting with events that require additional manpower.  The COP members are provided with a light blue polo shirt, jacket, flashlight, and OC spray.  Each COP wears their VFW Post baseball cap in recognition of their honorable service to our country and their membership to the organization.  The COPs are given training on OC usage and conflict resolution.  Their civilian duties are to observe and report, not to directly engage in any conflict.

In 2017 the COPs continued their efforts assisting the department with numerous activities.  Their presence can be seen at traffic and crowd control for parades, street dances, 4th of July fireworks display, Fairmont Triathlon, extended fire calls, severe accidents and whenever needed. The COPs provide foot patrol and security at the Martin County Fair annually to help maintain a safe and fun atmosphere for all fair attendees. COPs organize two person checks throughout the year patrolling our local parks to provide a presence and having positive contacts with the pubic.  COPs are on the lookout for criminal activity like vandalism or exhibition driving in the parks and they contact an on duty officer to respond as needed. The COPs also conduct house checks for those residents that ask the Fairmont PD to provide extra patrol of their home when leaving on vacation or when gone for the winter months.

The COPs provide a valuable service to the Fairmont PD and the community.  They donate hundreds of hours of their time annually, often during the holidays, and we are very thankful for their dedicated service to the department and the citizens of Fairmont.  We hope that area residents will take the time to thank a COP for volunteering their time and for their military service to our country.