Fairmont Police Hiring Full-Time Officer

September 17, 2020

Full-Time Police Officer

The City of Fairmont is accepting applications to fill one full-time police officer position immediately. Applications and all materials are due no later than, Monday, October 5, 2020 at 1600 hours. Failure to return completed applications or meet minimum qualifications by closing date as outlined in the Hiring Process and Instruction Letter will result in immediate rejection from the process. If you are claiming Veterans Preference points, you must submit proof of eligibility with your application materials. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify the application materials were received by the closing date. Minimum qualifications include POST licensed or eligible to be licensed a time of application, US citizenship, two-year degree in criminal justice or related field, meet minimum selections standards as outlined by POST in MN 626.87 and 6700.0700.

Application Links:

Hiring Process Outline and Instruction Letter

City of Fairmont Police Department Job Application

Starting Compensation and Vacation

  • Starting hourly wage: $35.69/hour
  • Current top Patrolman wage: $36.39/hour, plus benefits (January 2020 contract)
  • Yearly uniform allowance of $725.
  • 10 hour patrol shifts
  • 11 paid holidays, pro-rated at time of hire
  • Total vacation earned after 1 year: 80 hours
  • Total annual vacation earned after 4 years: 112 hours

There are currently 18 full-time licensed officers. The Fairmont Police Department also employs two full-time licensed officers to work part-time to help fill shifts and special assignments. The department offers prospective candidates a wide variety of rewarding assignments and specialized positions.

  • Sergeants
  • Narcotics Investigation and Interdiction Team
  • SRO School Resource Officer
  • Regional Swat team members
  • Firearms Instructors
  • Department Firearms Armorer
  • FTO Field Training Officers
  • Community Outreach Specialists
  • Work Place Violence/Hostile Event Instructor

Patrol squads and officers are well equipped. Each AWD Ford Explorer SUV squad has a laptop computer with wireless internet, WatchGuard video recording equipment, radar unit, P.B.T., tint meter, officer issued cell phone, spike strips, AED, shotgun/rifle, and first aid kit. Full-time Officers are provided with a Glock handgun and all initial duty gear, soft body armor, and uniforms.

Information on the City of Fairmont:

The City of Fairmont has five lakes within the city limits, which offer numerous recreational opportunities. There is a four pool aquatic park with activities for all ages. The city has a series of bike trails and the extensive park system allows for many different hiking trails and other outdoor activities. The city recently completed a new soccer complex, and dog park. One of the city parks offers an eighteen-hole disc golf course. There are numerous golf courses in the area and one in the city limits. The local medical center is continually expanding and is part of the Mayo Health Systems. Click here for more information on the City of Fairmont. Click here for information on the Fairmont Area School District.


If you have any questions or would like more information on the Fairmont Police Department or the City of Fairmont please call (507) 238-4481 and ask for Captain Tonder or an on-duty Sergeant.

The City of Fairmont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.