Fairmont Police Hiring

Part-Time Community Service Officer

February 8, 2021

Community Service Officer

The City of Fairmont is accepting applications to fill one newly established part time Community Service Officer (CSO) position. The CSO will be responsible for proactive ordinance, parking, and animal control related duties with a focus on service and problem resolution. The role of the CSO is to work with our community members to address and resolve city ordinance and animal control issues through positive communication, education, community partnerships, and enforcement. We are looking for a detail oriented, proactive, and motivated individual that is interested in working with our citizens to make a positive impact on our community. Candidates for consideration must have outstanding character, problem solving ability, objective decision making, and a positive attitude with excellent communication skills. Please see the CSO position description link below for further information.

Minimum qualifications include but are not limited to: at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent, valid Minnesota Class D driver’s license or out of state equivalent with good driving history, general computer skills and ability to learn and utilize computer based records management system. Must be able to pass a thorough background check that shows positive character and work history. Applicants who have any felony level convictions or gross misdemeanor convictions of Minnesota State Law or similar/equivalent convictions in another state are not eligible for consideration. Also, any applicants with certain misdemeanor convictions including, but not limited to: Domestic Assault, 5th Degree Assault, Disorderly Conduct, and Theft, will not be considered. Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will have the opportunity to move forward for consideration in the hiring process.

Applications are due no later than, Friday, March 5, 2021 at 0800 hours to City Hall. Failure to return completed applications or meet minimum qualifications by closing date will result in immediate rejection from the process. If you are claiming Veterans Preference points, you must submit proof of eligibility with your application materials.

If you have any questions or would like more information on Community Service Officer opportunity, please call (507) 238-4481 and ask for Captain Tonder.

The City of Fairmont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Application Links:

Community Service Officer Position Description

City of Fairmont Police Department Employment Application

Additional Information
Starting hourly pay range: $20.00 to $23.20 on City pay scale depending on qualifications.

Flexible part-time schedule and working hours between 24-30 hours per week.

Initial uniforms and equipment provided.

Uniform is a light blue polo style shirt (short and long sleeve) with “City of Fairmont” logo. Dark blue uniform pants, belt and radio. Employee will provide own footwear of black shoes or boots consistent with Fairmont Police Department Uniform Policy.

Comprehensive field training program for the successful candidate.

Opportunities for additional training during employment.

Assigned duty vehicle.

The CSO is not a licensed law enforcement position. The CSO will be a civilian employee of the Fairmont Police Department. While the CSO is able to write and issue citations for Fairmont City Ordinances, the CSO does not have the power of arrest or the authority to use force during the course of their duties. The CSO is allowed to carry department issued chemical irritant for protection against animals during the course of their duties.